Hi, I'm Cam
Let me tell you about myself.


I stay sharp all over the web development tech stack. From fast responsive client-side code to object-oriented PHP, I've got experience building it.

Front End

Responsive, accessible, and performant are my watchwords and I strive to prioritize them in every project. I also stay on top of the latest JavaScript tooling and techniques.

  • AngularJS
  • jQuery
  • Foundation
  • Bootstrap
  • Sass

Back End PHP

From small one-off projects to robust maintenance, I've worked with PHP MVC frameworks to create solutions that work correctly, and are documented and maintainable.

  • Symfony
  • Guzzle
  • Slim Framework
  • Doctrine ORM
  • Connecting with remote APIs
  • Codeception and PHPUnit

Server Administration

Any developer should understand their server. I have ample in-depth experience standing up development and production environments for my projects.

  • CentOS/Red Hat
  • Apache HTTPD
  • NginX
  • MariaDB/MySQL


PHP Developer at Sonny's Controls

August 2015 to Present

Deliver high-quality software on a small team for a back-office business application that allows car wash owners to manage all aspects of their car wash. Architected features based on SOLID design principles. Worked remotely here for four months.

Backoffice Application

I worked on a team of developers to deliver car wash administration and reporting features ahead of our product launch.

  • Coded CRUD features for a wide variety of business requirements, while keeping consistency, SOLID principles of object oriented design, and security at the forefront.
  • Designed multiple reports based on business transaction data that give accurate and up-to-date views of a client’s car wash. This required data normalization as well as in-depth analysis of data issues and business needs.
  • Introduced unit and functional tests using Codeception, creating the testing harness for parts of our application to speed up our adoption of tests.
  • Worked directly with QA and support staff to find and fix bugs quickly.
  • Created database migrations so that our existing clients can move from our legacy application to the new v15 offering in an automated and consistent way.

Support Application

The purpose of this application was to give tools to our support staff so they could quickly onboard our new and existing clients. I was working alone on this application.

  • Designed a user flow for support personnel that helped them onboard clients and get to solutions quickly.
  • Architected a RESTful API for communication between devices out in the field and in-house servers so that better diagnostic information could be retrieved from those devices.

MyWashAccount E-Commerce Application

  • Designed a user flow for car wash customers to view and manage their accounts, taking best practices for user experience into account.
  • Built a customizable e-commerce solution for our car wash clients, allowing them to make account management for their customers simpler and more efficient.

Full Stack Developer at Florida International University

May 2011 to August 2015

Delivered over 50 responsive, fast content sites for university clients. Maintained and updated existing applications, responded to bug reports, and improved the codebase through refactoring. Introduced the team to development best practices such as source control and code reviews.

Cascade Administrator and Developer

FIU had a centralized content management system. I was its administrator and top expert at the school.

  • Built over 50 content websites for University clients, using XSLT to transform Cascade XML into valid semantic HTML.
  • Introduced team to version control using Git, and set up a Gitlab instance for our use.
  • Streamlined processes by moving the team to Sass and EJS templates instead of static HTML/CSS.
  • Created administration tools for Cascade CMS using Python and Suds to interface with Cascade's SOAP API.


Pomodoro Angular Application

Front End Development

University Graduate School Fellowship Database

Full Stack Development

FIU Admissions Site

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